Jose Mourinho The Disappointed man

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho had few worries about his employment prospects during the tail end of his first spell in Chelsea.

“If the club decide to sack me because of bad results, that’s part of the game,” he reasoned. “If it happens, I will be a millionaire and get another club a couple of months later.

“Things are different now, though. Having been sacked for the second time by the Blues, Mourinho faces an unusually uncertain future. Other clubs will doubtlessly come calling – but the stark reality that the Portuguese must quickly face up to is that few, if any, will be members of Europe’s elite..

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It must be acknowledged that Mourinho picked up more fines than he did trophies during his first spell at Chelsea, and subsequent stints at Inter and Real Madrid. Consequently, while he fully expected to be offered the Manchester United job when Sir Alex Ferguson announced his intention to retire at the end of the 2012-13 season, Mourinho’s questionable character ultimately went against him and the Red Devils instead turned to David Moyes.

But it is a good lesson for Mourinho since he has the confidence to win any game…

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