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The number of players, their positions and the rules of the game were more or less the same with different types of football, such as college football, the NFL, and European NFL. Although there may be some types, like the Arena and Canadian football that are a bit different, but relatively, the regulations on how to play the game is most likely the same.

So talking about how football is being played, let us go back to the basics, and review, what each of these players really do, each of their responsibilities, and each role they need to play, once the game starts.

First, let us recall how many players are allowed to enter and thus play in the field. Of course, each team should have their offensive and defensive players, although, as we obviously know, these two divisions from a single team cannot play at the same time, since only 11 players from a team are allowed to play for each, plus, it is obviously not possible.

So how does the game flows? On one side is the offensive team; while on the other side is the defense. The game starts with a kickoff, wherein a placekicker kicks the ball towards the offensive team, while the offense will try to catch the ball, and afterwards advance the ball by running it. So the action starts from there.

The team who has the possession of the ball is called the offensive team, while the other, which is the defense, tries to disrupt the play by making their opponent to give up the ball. If they are successful, the two teams switch roles, the defense becomes the offense, and the offense becomes the defense. Same process goes until they reach the end of the fourth quarter, and from then, will know who won the game.

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A football game is played in four quarters, allotting 15 minutes for each quarter. It has a 12 minute break at half time, or at the end of the 2nd quarter. While in the end of the 1st and 3rd quarter, there is an allotted 2-minute break for the 2 teams to change ends of the field. If there is a tie at the end of the 4th quarter, there will be 15-minute overtime.

So let’s move on to the players. As earlier mentioned, there are 2 teams that got to play at the football field, namely the offense and the defense team.

The offense team is headed by a quarterback, and the rest of the team includes the center, 2 guards and 2 tackles, wide receivers, running backs and tight ends.

The quarterback is the one who leads the whole offense and primarily outlines the play for his team. Once the center snaps the ball to the quarterback, the latter either pass the ball to his receivers or hands it off to his running back. The guards and the tackles who serve as the offensive linemen, protect their quarterback or running back by preventing the defensive linemen to reach them thus disrupting their play. The tight end’s role is also to block the defense and he is allowed to catch passes as well, but in short yardages only.

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So, after a short and plain discussion about the offensive team, let us move to the other side, which is the defensive team. The defensive team is composed of the linebackers, the nose guard, the defensive ends and defensive tackles, the cornerbacks and the safeties.

The role of the defensive team is to stop or prevent the offense from reaching, thus advancing to the defense’s end zone. The linebacker is the one assigned to defend their territory by either stopping of tackling the quarterback. The 2 defensive ends and 2 tackles, which is known to be the defensive linemen battles with the offensive linemen of the other team. The cornerbacks cover the wide receivers from catching the pass of the quarterback. The safety’s job is to stop the runner if it get pass through the linebacker and the defensive linemen. While the nose guard’s job is to block the center, and also to help the defensive tackles to stop the run.

So these two teams fight with all the force, action and stamina they’ve got, until they reach the end and find out who won the battle.

Indeed, football is such a great sport to watch and to admire, and especially if you know every corner of it, it brings you more energy and urge to continue and pursue your devotion and love for the sport.

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