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1. FC Köln – coach Steffen Baumgart on financial difficulties: “I was at the bottom”



1. FC Köln - coach Steffen Baumgart on financial difficulties: "I was at the bottom"

Successful coach Steffen Baumgart from 1. FC Köln has spoken openly about his previous financial problems. “I was at the bottom then,” said Baumgart in an interview with the sports image about the time when he wasn’t even able to pay around 20,000 euros for the football coaching course at the DFB: “At that time I was no longer creditworthy. My wife earned the money for our family.”

The former professional had reported unemployment for a few days after returning from China in 2002. However, the low point was in 2010, when he did not get a new contract as coach of 1. FC Magdeburg. “The financial reserves were quickly used up,” revealed the 50-year-old.

Hans-Peter Finkbeiner, owner of a fashion label, helped him during this time. He also paid the football coaching expenses. “I’m also glad that I was able to give everything back to him later. If I hadn’t had him, we wouldn’t be sitting here for the interview now. Then I might have ended up becoming a bus driver or truck driver,” said Baumgart.

Baumgart also passes this experience on to his players. “I’ve already told my boys in the dressing room that I’m someone who has experienced other times,” said the coach: “And that they have to realize that they have the privilege of being a professional footballer .”