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1. FC Köln receives severe punishment from FIFA: long transfer ban



1. FC Köln receives severe punishment from FIFA: long transfer ban

FIFA has severely punished 1. FC Köln. The Bundesliga club is not allowed to make any transfers in the next two transfer periods, i.e. in the summer and winter of the 2023/24 season.

The reason: Cologne had committed striker talent Jaka Cuber Potocnik to their youth academy in 2022. Because the 17-year-old prematurely terminated his contract with his former club Olimpija Ljubljana on January 30, FC didn’t have to pay a fee at the time.

Potocnik is said to have signed the contract with the billy goats a day later. The Slovenians then accused the Bundesliga club of inciting the then 16-year-old attacker to break the contract. Ljubljana filed a lawsuit with the FIFA tribunal and was right.

“The second defendant is prohibited from registering new players, whether at national or international level, for the next two complete and consecutive registration periods after the delivery of the present decision,” says the judgment, which the Picture-Newspaper available.

The choice of words suggests that the transfer ban applies to the entire club – including the professionals. Due to the resulting competitive disadvantage, Cologne is currently examining its options for an appeal. This must be received by the International Sports Court CAS within the next 21 days.

In addition, Cologne must transfer 54,000 euros to Potocnik’s former club. As the Picture reported, Ljubljana even wanted 70,000 euros in damages – the club originally asked for a fee of 2.5 million euros.

The player was also sentenced to a four-month ban, meaning that he will not be able to play in the U19s’ DFB Cup semi-final against Hertha BSC next Saturday.