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“A bigger problem for them than for us!” Tottenham manager Postecoglou reacts to Hoeneß statements about Kane



"A bigger problem for them than for us!"  Tottenham manager Postecoglou reacts to Hoeneß statements about Kane

Team manager Ange Postecoglou from the English club Tottenham Hotspur is already slightly annoyed by the Harry Kane transfer saga. “The first question, what?” said the coach on Spurs’ Australian tour snippy when a reporter wanted to know at the beginning of a press conference how his conversation with the star striker, who was heavily courted by Bayern Munich, went.

The Australian also teased against the German record champions. At Spurs, there are “no discussions” about Uli Hoeneß’s sensational statements about Kane, he emphasized, “it doesn’t affect him either. If other clubs want to talk about players who are under contract with us, it’s a bigger one for them problem than for us”.

The first six questions of the round ahead of Tuesday’s friendly against city rivals West Ham United were all about Kane. The vortex, however, claimed Postecoglou, will not throw the attacker off track.

“A lot of people know Harry better than I do, but he won’t let that affect him. He’s here and as long as that’s the case, he’s fully committed to what we’re doing.”

And the first meeting last week? “I had a good conversation with Harry. As I said, nothing earth-shattering or decisive in terms of what people are asking,” explained Postecoglou: “I introduced myself and we mainly talked about the club and what he thinks where it is stands and where there is potential for improvement.”

He agreed with Kane “that we want to see a successful team this year”. Basically, it’s not the case that he asks his players about their future plans, “when they come in the door,” added the 57-year-old: “Some will accompany us throughout the journey, others not.”