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According to the fan alliance, FC Bayern and BVB have been “highly lacking in solidarity” for years



Oliver Kahn from FC Bayern Munich worried after the billion-euro deal collapsed: "Damage to all clubs"

After the failed entry of an investor in the German Football League (DFL), the fan alliance “Unsere KURve” blames those responsible for the top clubs Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund for the disagreement in professional football.

“The league has long been divided, especially Bayern and Dortmund have been acting in a very unsolidated manner for years,” spokesman Thomas Kessen told SID.

Kessen sees the fact that the billion-euro deal didn’t materialize as a “great success” that shows “that the time for backroom politics is over.” In any case, according to Kessens, “more money does not solve all the problems” of German football: “International competitiveness is an argument that is often taken for granted, but it is not actually true.”