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Alexander Nübel apparently does not fit into the profile of VfB Stuttgart



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Apparently, contrary to recent reports, Alexander Nübel is not a transfer candidate for VfB Stuttgart.

VfB Stuttgart will probably not sign any of the two available goalkeepers from FC Bayern – Yann Sommer or Alexander Nübel. The reason for this is that both would be more of a long-term solution.

Again table football reported, VfB Stuttgart is only looking for a short-term solution in goal this summer to replace Florian Müller, who has moved to Freiburg. The reason for this is that they plan long-term with top talent Dennis Seimen (17) and do not want to put a seasoned professional with a long-term contract in front of him.

Ideally, therefore, only a loan in the goalkeeper position is considered. A player who will start the season as a regular keeper alongside substitute Fabian Bredlow and may later make room for Seimen. Apparently, Bayern does not want to lend Nübel, but sell it.

The table football Quoted VfB sports director Fabian Wohlgemuth when asked about the exact profile of the desired keeper: “Experienced, ambitious, but not overly motivated and ready to step aside when Seimen’s time should come.”

VfB Stuttgart: Long-term number 1 already there

In the long term, Seimen should take over, but until then a creative solution has to be found at VfB. Another option was apparently Alexander Meyer from BVB, whom coach Sebastian Hoeneß is said to have preferred. But he finally extended it to 2025 with black and yellow.

As far as the future of Nübel and Sommer is concerned, the signs are still pointing to farewell to the record champions, as both are unwilling to sit behind Manuel Neuer on the bench or in the stands. Sommer is in negotiations with Inter Milan, at Nübel there are talks with an undisclosed English team.