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Another incident! Dortmund’s U19 players racially insulted



Another incident!  Dortmund's U19 players racially insulted

The victory of Borussia Dortmund’s U19s in the Youth League against FC Sevilla was again overshadowed by racist incidents. As the Ruhr news report on Tuesday evening, Dortmund’s Abdoulaye Kamara was denigrated with monkey noises and verbally insulted at 2-0 (1-0).

Kamara, who comes from Guinea, was already the target of racist hostilities in the first leg in Seville last week.

“There were the same insults and monkey noises as last week. A paramedic heard it and confirmed it. I brought this to the attention of the assistant referee. But the referee says he hasn’t heard anything and it’s testimony against testimony,” said BVB- Coach Mike Tullberg the Ruhr news.

Dortmund had recently announced that they would leave the field in the event of another racist incident. Tullberg offered that to his team, “but the boys said: No, coach – we’ll give the answer in a sporty way and we’ll win the game,” said the coach.

There was no support from the referees. “I couldn’t believe it, but a UEFA official actually started discussing what a monkey sounds like and what a monkey says with me. It was incredible,” said Tullberg. “I didn’t think the referee’s reaction was okay. How should we prove that the insults happened?”

BVB had already lodged a complaint with the European Football Union (UEFA) about the incidents in Seville. “Something like that cannot be tolerated,” said Lars Ricken, director of the youth academy, the SID.