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Apparently, bosses have to face voting requests



Critical situation with licensing?  "Worst case we've ever had"

Apparently, motions to deselection were submitted for the upcoming general meeting on May 14 against the complete leadership of Hertha BSC. These are the Picture-newspaper before.

The chairman of the supervisory board, Klaus Brüggemann, and all other seven members of the executive committee around the president Kay Bernstein are threatened with the end.

According to the report, all of the motions came from a member who had previously attempted to have the Executive Committee removed from office by the association’s court. Among other things, the accusation: nepotism.

However, the member failed. On the other hand, it was right on the point that “the by-elections to the presidium held on June 26, 2022 are effective but incomplete because they were canceled prematurely after seven presidium members had been reached.”

The articles of incorporation stipulate that nine people are required for this. Therefore, there should be a recommendation that the presidency should be increased by two more people.

However, unlike the motions to vote out, the item is not on the agenda. It is also considered unrealistic that Bernstein and Co. will have to resign in the end.

In order for the motions to take effect, 75 percent of the members present at the general meeting on Sunday must vote yes.

A heated debate is still expected given concerns about licensing by the DFL. This is based on a report by Süddeutsche Zeitung reported to be extremely problematic. In addition, the deal with investor 777 Partners is viewed critically. There is more background here.