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Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann apologizes to Streich and SC Freiburg: “I made mistakes”



Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann apologizes to Streich and SC Freiburg: "I made mistakes"

Immediately before the kick-off of FC Bayern Munich’s game against FC Augsburg, Julian Nagelsmann apologized to Christian Streich and SC Freiburg for his criticism of Freiburg’s appeal after FC Bayern made a mistake on the 28th matchday.

“I made a mistake there,” said Nagelsmann sky on his criticism of Freiburg’s appeal to the DFB sports court. In his statements about the Freiburg protest against the evaluation of the Bundesliga duel, which was characterized by a mistake in substitution, he “didn’t have the large dimension of sports and club law on the screen, didn’t understand it,” he justified his apology.

That’s why he “wrongly expressed himself in a way that wasn’t right. I apologize – sorry to Freiburg, sorry to Christian. I hope the relationship doesn’t suffer and I hope that that’s the end of it”.

“I don’t know if you can pat yourself on the back at the AGM with the sponsors in November because you’re playing internationally because of the three points you just didn’t win in fact sportingly. I wouldn’t be so happy if That would be the case, so I would have made it clear to the club that we would not object. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves,” said the Bayern coach on Tuesday.

Nagelsmann also said: “I can’t understand why Freiburg is doing this – I wouldn’t have done it because you’re exploiting a third party’s mistake,” Nagelsmann said and emphasized: “Freiburg wouldn’t have scored two goals in those 18 seconds.”

Streich had described Nagelsmann’s criticism on Friday as “absolute absurdity” and explained: “It can’t be that there are three parties. Two make a mistake, not an insignificant mistake. Which is not bad at all. Everyone makes mistakes. I also make mistakes . And afterwards the third party is the one who is then pilloried by certain people, sometimes by those who made the mistakes.”

On Friday, the DFB dismissed Freiburg’s protest against the match rating of 1: 4 on the 28th matchday.