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Bayern Munich – Julian Nagelsmann: “I’m ashamed of defeats”



Bayern Munich - Julian Nagelsmann: "I'm ashamed of defeats"

Apparently, Julian Nagelsmann finds it difficult to deal with lost competitive games. According to his own statement, the FC Bayern Munich coach even felt a sense of shame in this case.

“If we lose a game, shame is the right word for me. Yes, I’m ashamed then,” said the 34-year-old in the club magazine 51 confessed He has a few questions after defeats. “Was the preparation good enough, was the plan good enough? It’s a really uncomfortable feeling,” said Nagelsmann.

As coach of FC Bayern Munich, he and his team have had to admit defeat in four games so far: three times in the Bundesliga, plus the memorable 5-0 defeat in the DFB Cup against Borussia Mönchengladbach, where Nagelsmann was there due to a coronavirus infection however, was not there.

Bankruptcies would burden him for “two or three days”. It is difficult and at the same time necessary “that you always have to remain optimistic even after a defeat. You have to put yourself in front of your team – because you’re the one who has to have the solutions. The players shouldn’t feel that you’re sad or angry or that you are ashamed”.

Nagelsmann: “It’s important that you find the right words”

It is also important to give the professionals the right address right away. “What will be the first words to the team? It’s important that you find the right words. After a game you’re alone because you want it,” said Nagelsmann.

Curious: Encounters even follow the trainer into his sleep. “Sometimes when I sleep after a game, I call out the names of my players. My wife once told me that. Sometimes it wakes her up in the night,” revealed Nagelsmann.

In addition, Nagelsmann has been wanting a rule change in the football business for “ten years”. He was referring to the time-outs that are known from basketball.

“It would be great,” he said. “I’m sure the quality of the games would increase again because the coaches could do more with more influence in such time-outs.”