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Benjamin Pavard fined for drunk driving



Benjamin Pavard fined for drunk driving

Bayern Munich’s Benjamin Pavard was fined on Wednesday for driving under the influence of alcohol. This was announced by the Munich district court and the public prosecutor’s office.

A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office said: “A fine was imposed in an amount that would not appear on a police record of the convicted person.” No further information was given on the amount of the fine. The verdict is not yet final, so Pavard could appeal.

The 26-year-old French international was caught behind the wheel in 2022 with a blood alcohol content of 1.41. However, instead of the public hearing originally scheduled for Wednesday, a written decision was issued by a judge. According to the court spokeswoman, the reason for this was that the Pavard side had only directed its objection against the daily rate, but no longer against the duration of the driver’s license suspension. In such a case, the cancellation of the public main hearing is then usual.

The public prosecutor’s office also announced that Pavard’s driver’s license will be revoked for around two more months.

FC Bayern had already fined Pavard, who recently experienced a sporting upswing, in the fall. The player himself agreed sports1: “I’ve always had the backing of the club. I’ve felt very good for a long time. As for the driver’s license thing: I made a mistake that I’ve admitted. Nobody is perfect, but I’ve learned from it.”