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Bundesliga referee Patrick Ittrich takes on a Hoffenheim fan: “Mobbed on for no reason”



Bundesliga referee Patrick Ittrich takes on a Hoffenheim fan: "Mobbed on for no reason"

On the fringes of the Bundesliga game between TSG Hoffenheim and VfL Bochum, there was apparently a verbal argument between referee Patrick Ittrich and a TSG fan. However, Ittrich did not put up with the fan’s alleged taunting.

“I was mobbed for no reason. When asked what I had done wrong, he couldn’t bring any arguments. I get emotional sometimes,” the 43-year-old explained the scene picture.

The battle of words broke out shortly after the final whistle, when Ittrich went back towards the dressing room. On the way there, a Hoffenheim fan apparently complained loudly about the referee’s performance in the 3-2 win of the hosts, who, from a neutral point of view, had not allowed himself any major mistakes.

“People like that come to the stadium to rant, but as a referee you don’t have to put up with everything,” said Ittrich. Disappearing in the cabin without comment was not an option for him. “If you approach people directly, it has an effect.”

This direct dealing with dissatisfied fans has already solved several problems in the world. “In Bochum I was once insulted in the worst possible way by a fan, then I talked to him for a long time,” said Ittrich. “Later he thanked me on Instagram.”

The Hamburg police officer is already known for his open nature and transparency. Ittrich is very active on social media and regularly talks about his job as a Bundesliga referee in his podcast “Refitcom”.