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Bundesliga: The schedule for the rest of the season is set



The highlight of the rest of the schedule: The second leg between FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund on April 23.

So far it was still unclear when the final four match days of the current Bundesliga season should be played. The DFL has now scheduled the remaining matchdays at exactly the right time. SPOX brings you up to date.

Rarely have so many questions seemed unanswered at the end of a Bundesliga season as this year: Who will win the championship? Who’s in international business next year? Who goes to the second division and who to the relegation games? The answers to all these questions, it was already clear, would await us in the next few weeks. But when exactly, that was not known until now.

The announcement published by the DFL on Thursday has now brought light into the darkness. In the following text we will discuss when the final and decisive four match days will take place and what highlights the viewers can look forward to.

Bundesliga: The schedule for the rest of the season is set

Good news to start with: The international break on the weekend of March 26th and 27th was the last break of the current season. In concrete terms, this means that the last four match days of the season will be played on four consecutive weekends.

A special feature concerns the penultimate matchday. Unlike in previous years, in the 33rd round, all eight games will no longer be played at the same time, but will be spread over a full weekend plus Friday, as in the case of a normal game day. It is assumed that this change will continue in the future.

Bundesliga: The last matchdays take place on these dates

Gameday period
31st matchday 22.04 – 24.04.
32nd matchday 04/29 – 02.05.
33rd matchday 06.05. – 08.05.
34th matchday 05/14

Bundesliga: The schedule for the rest of the season is set – the relegation games

In addition to scheduling the remaining Bundesliga match days, the DFL has now also clarified the two relegation games. So if you want to be there when the last Bundesliga or second division participant is played, then you should keep the following days free.

  • May 19: 16th place (1st BL) vs. 3rd place (2nd BL)
  • 23. May: 3rd place (2nd BL) vs. 16th place (1st BL)

Bundesliga: The schedule for the rest of the season is set – the highlight games of the last four matchdays

The last four Bundesliga match days are characterized by high-class and interesting duels that will decide the fight for the championship, the question of relegation and the participants in international competitions.

The game of games between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund was also terminated. The record champions welcome BVB on April 23. The game will kick off at 6.30 p.m., ie at peak game time.

Here is a selection of the encounters that, at least on paper, seem to have the greatest potential for tension.

Gameday home team away team date kick-off
31 Leipzig union Saturday April 23rd 3.30 p.m
Frankfurt Hoffenheim Saturday April 23rd 3.30 p.m
Bavaria Dortmund Saturday April 23rd 6.30 p.m
Hertha Stuttgart Sunday April 24th 5.30 p.m
32 Dortmund Bochum Saturday April 30th 3.30 p.m
Leverkusen Frankfurt Monday, May 2nd 8.30 p.m
33 Freiburg union Saturday May 7th 3.30 p.m
Hoffenheim Leverkusen Saturday May 7th 3.30 p.m
Bavaria Stuttgart Sunday 08 May 5.30 p.m
34 Dortmund Hertha Saturday May 14th 3.30 p.m
Leverkusen Freiburg Saturday May 14th 3.30 p.m