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BVB: “A knife rammed into the heart!” Hans-Joachim Watzke unpacks



BVB: "A knife rammed into the heart!"  Hans-Joachim Watzke unpacks

Hans-Joachim Watzke spoke about the pain after missing Borussia Dortmund’s championship. The managing director of BVB also spoke about a call from Uli Hoeneß, his lucky jumper and the future of the black and yellow.

“From the 75th minute, I almost looked more at the monitor in front of my seat. The Cologne game was on there. When Bayern made it 2-1 in the 89th minute, I felt like someone was stabbing me rammed into the heart,” said Watzke in an interview with the picture on sunday about the last Bundesliga matchday.

BVB only managed a 2-2 draw against 1. FSV Mainz 05, while FC Bayern won 2-1 at 1. FC Köln at the same time. The Munich team secured their eleventh championship in a row because of the better goal difference, Dortmund once again went away empty-handed.

“I drank two or three red wines, no more, and then realized that I didn’t feel anything,” Watzke described the events on the evening after the disappointment: “I must have had so much adrenaline in my body that the alcohol had no effect . There was such a deep pain, worse than it was after Wembley in 2013.” Back then, BVB lost 2-1 to FCB in the Champions League final.

The 63-year-old also reported a call from Bavaria’s Honorary President Uli Hoeneß. “I called Uli Hoeneß on the evening of the championship decision. He called me while I was still in the stadium. Of course I also congratulated him on the occasion,” said the Sauerland: “I got this gesture from Uli Hoeneß as appreciative. Our relationship has improved significantly in recent years.”

Watzke ennobles BVB fans and talks about pressure

Watzke was particularly proud of the behavior of the BVB fans after the draw against Mainz, who didn’t leave the stadium and instead celebrated the team. He would have preferred to thank each individual with a handshake, said the business graduate.

“You can laugh about it at other league locations, but it was a demonstration of solidarity, which is more common in this region than elsewhere. That’s exactly what will give our team strength again in the coming months,” said Watzke

Before the last day of the game, there was enormous pressure on coach Edin Terzic’s team. All of Dortmund was preparing for the championship celebrations, hardly anyone expected that BVB would give up the title. This did not remain hidden from Watzke either.

“Nobody can imagine what was going on here,” said the DFL supervisory board chairman: “People longed so much for this championship and a gigantic celebration. There was – of course unintentionally – an incredible pressure of expectations built up from all sides. Obviously At the end of the day, some players, especially those who have never been champions, couldn’t handle the pressure. It might have been too much for them at the end of the day. Still too much.”

Watzke: BVB trauma? “Too big a term”

Nevertheless, Watzke does not believe in the thesis that the generation around Marco Reus simply does not have strong enough nerves to become champions. The problem is that you need this title once in your life, then all blockages and doubts are gone. “If you’ve never won a championship like this before, the risk of tensing up in a final like this may be a little greater,” explained Watzke.

In any case, the lost championship is not a trauma, stressed Watzke: “That’s a much too big concept for me. We just have to do it like Jürgen Klopp! He also lost four or five finals in a row. Everyone said that It’s going to be a trauma. He just kept working, that’s our direction too. The reward will come.”

Whether Dortmund will be champions in the coming season also has something to do with FC Bayern. “We have very different requirements. Borussia Dortmund has to overperform – in modern German – Bayern have to underperform – and if both deliver normally, Bayern will be champions for the twelfth time. Whether people like to hear that or not, that’s a fact,” said the Marsberger.

BVB: Watzke fires lucky sweater angrily in the trunk

A specific target will only be worked out during the preparation, revealed Watzke: “But nothing serious will change. Assume that our goal is to want to play for the title.”

Watzke also revealed what became of his almost legendary lucky jumper. “I fired it angrily into my trunk on Saturday evening, it’s still there now. Although strictly speaking the sweater didn’t lose again – it just felt different,” said Watzke.

Bundesliga: Leading group after matchday 34

Place team Sp. Gates differential pt.
1. Bayern Munich 34 92:38 54 71
2. Borussia Dortmund 34 83:44 39 71
3. RB Leipzig 34 64:41 23 66
4. Union Berlin 34 51:38 13 62
5. Freiburg 34 51:44 7 59