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BVB – comment on the separation of Borussia Dortmund and coach Marco Rose: The next disaster



BVB – comment on the separation of Borussia Dortmund and coach Marco Rose: The next disaster

Despite statements to the contrary, Borussia Dortmund and coach Marco Rose will go their separate ways in the future. With regard to BVB’s communication, this means the next disaster in a year paved with disappointments – but the decision is understandable. A comment from SPOX editor Jochen Tittmar.

Six days after the final competitive game of a season that was marked by numerous sporting disappointments, Borussia Dortmund experienced an almost unforeseeable bang after the separation from Marco Rose. Previously, those responsible at BVB had always vehemently and clearly ruled out that Rose’s job was in danger.

The coach’s departure is therefore a communication disaster and for the supporters of the Westphalia the probably final disappointment of this season.

However, the decision itself is understandable from a sporting point of view.

“Overall, we are on the right track with Marco. We are totally convinced of the path we have chosen with him,” said outgoing sports director Michael Zorc in February table football said. A month later, BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke made an unequivocal statement in the sports picture: “Marco Rose is in no way available at Borussia Dortmund.” Rose will also be a trainer in the coming season, everything else was never an issue in the committees.

Only Zorc’s successor Sebastian Kehl maneuvered around shortly before the end of the season. The next day he received a double “I’m assuming that’s the case today” about Rose’s future and said: “I can clearly say that I’m planning the season with Marco. We’ll discuss everything together.” However, Kehl announced a critical analysis of the season – after which he hopes “that we will tackle this together in the new season”.

BVB does not cut a good figure when separating from Marco Rose

This hope has now not been confirmed, after the analysis Rose no longer felt the full trust of his superiors. The fact that there is a separation on this basis is logical and consistent on both sides.

However, after all the protestations of the past few months, BVB does not cut a good figure. The three newcomers who have already been announced – with Cologne’s Salih Özcan and Regensburg keeper Alexander Meyer two more are imminent – have all discussed their sporting prospects with Rose and found words of praise for the coach. Now these players are getting a new coach, which is not a drama, but of course extremely unfortunate and far from an ideal start at the new club.

In addition to the credibility of those responsible in Dortmund, the external image and perception of the club also suffer. These have not only been damaged by the sporty sobering season, they have basically been doing it for years, because BVB has now degenerated into an ejection seat for coaches. Rose’s successor will be the seventh coach in seven years.

BVB: Separation from Marco Rose is definitely justified

The fact that Rose, who was brought from Gladbach for five million euros just before the season, is no longer in office can be justified in sporting terms. In any case, he would have started the new season under a lot of pressure, with a bumpy start to the new round, the pressure on Rose and the club could have been too great. The three embarrassing knockouts in the Champions League, Europa League and DFB Cup are too difficult for that.

Rose experienced an extremely difficult year due to an almost unbelievable and consistent series of injuries and had to lead a squad that was not put together harmoniously. There was hardly any real further development of the individual players and the style of play, BVB only managed to win unconvincingly against much weaker teams. In the end, Rose has to answer for a proud 15 defeats and 74 goals in 46 competitive games.

New sports director, new coach, a largely new team: In Dortmund there is another upheaval and the next new start. All previous attempts to achieve continuity in the coaching position and to get the grotesque fickleness out of the team ultimately failed.

With Roses out, the team got an alibi for their poor performance, which also put the pressure on the club bosses up again. Ambition and reality are always too far apart in Dortmund. As a result, the association’s identity, self-image and reputation have suffered significantly. The scratch that the Borussia Dortmund brand suffered not only from the past season, but also from it, weighs heavily.

BVB: Marco Rose’s record as coach of Borussia Dortmund

contest games victories draw defeats
Bundesliga 34 22 3 9
Champions League 6 3 3
Europe League 2 1 1
DFB Cup 3 2 1
Supercup 1 1
In total 46 27 4 15