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BVB, news and rumours: Dortmund President raves about Christopher Nkunku



BVB, news and rumours: Dortmund President raves about Christopher Nkunku

The BVB President’s dream player kicks for RB Leipzig. And Edin Terzic is pissed after the 2: 2 at Schalke. And Lothar Matthäus criticized the Dortmund defense. The BVB news and rumors on Sunday.

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BVB, News: Dortmund President raves about Christopher Nkunku

Dortmund’s new President Reinhold Lunow has in an interview with the Ruhr news named his dream player for BVB. The new club boss opted for RB Leipzig’s Christopher Nkunku when asked which top star he would like to see at Borussia, given a free choice.

However, it should be difficult for Dortmund to make Lunow’s wish come true. According to media reports, a transfer to Chelsea FC was already completed when the Frenchman last extended his contract: Nkunku is said to be going to the Blues in London in the summer for an alleged 60 million euros, even if the deal has not yet been officially announced.

BVB, News: Edin Terzic eaten after 2: 2 at Schalke

BVB trainer Edin Terzic was pissed off after the 2-2 win in the derby against Schalke. “I didn’t say that. They’re putting that in my mouth now,” he said angrily sky about a question from Patrick Wasserziehr, who wanted to know whether Terzic hadn’t trusted the ‘sporting peace’ that came with the winning streak of the past few weeks.

The BVB coach was also annoyed with the result, because Schalke came back twice from behind. “We were able to create a lot of clear chances to score. We stopped doing that in the second half. It got wild – just like Schalke wanted it to be. In the end we gave up the win,” he complained.

At the same time he also looked ahead: “Now it’s about having a home game against 1. FC Köln next week and we need the three points for that,” said Terzic. This is followed by an international break – and on April 1 BVB will go to FC Bayern Munich.

BVB, News: Lothar Matthäus denounces Dortmund defensive mistakes

Germany’s record national player Lothar Matthäus has sky Borussia Dortmund was accused of poor defensive behavior in the district derby at Schalke and this in particular when conceding a goal to make it 2-2. “Point one, bad attacking by Dortmund on the right. Point two, bad coordination in the center. Karaman was actually in the worst position and then gets to the ball unhindered,” he said of Schalke’s header.

BVB goalkeeper Alexander Meyer was also partly to blame for the goal from Matthäus. “Maybe he didn’t expect it, but he doesn’t look happy about it,” said Matthäus.

He summed it up: “Dortmund should have won the game. They missed too many big chances and Fährmann made good saves several times. They could have decided the game earlier.”