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BVB, news and rumours: Müller resorts to psycho tricks



BVB, news and rumours: Müller resorts to psycho tricks

Before the Bundesliga showdown, Thomas Müller uses psycho tricks and tries to make BVB nervous. Jude Bellingham is probably in the squad against Mainz. Niklas Süle and Marco can make history – and the city is ready. You can find all the news and rumors about BVB here.

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BVB, News: Thomas Müller puts pressure on again

Does BVB bring its mini lead to the finish line or not? Thomas Müller hasn’t given up hope and shared his thoughts on the season finale with his fans via Instagram. “I read earlier that 200,000 to 400,000 fans would be expected at a championship celebration. To meet the expectations of so many people, you have to do that with a wide cross on the pitch,” said Müller in a video post. “If the whole of Dortmunder Süd wants to win, you have to stand up to it as a player.” For him it is “the most normal thing in the world when the players are nervous too”.

Müller hopes for Dortmund nervousness and the football god. For Bayern, the motto is: “Stay humble, do our job and take what we can get.”

BVB, News: Terzic & Co. move into quarters – Bellingham with them

The BVB entourage checked into the Hotel l’Arrivée on Friday evening. Also included was Jude Bellingham, meaning the Englishman should at least be on the bench for the season finale. The 19-year-old recently missed the game in Augsburg due to knee problems, where BVB shot back to the top of the table 3-0.

Bellingham has had reduced training all week and does not appear fit for 90 minutes. He has appeared in 31 Bundesliga games so far this season, scoring eight goals (plus five assists). Bellingham was suspended on matchday 17 in Mainz.

BVB, News: Niklas Süle could make history

Should Dortmund become champions, the player of the season can only be called Niklas Süle. After all, anyone who leaves Bayern and then ends Bayern’s championship streak with their new Bundesliga club – and takes home the trophy again – must be made of very special stuff.

In any case, Süle would not only become German champion for the sixth time in a row, he would also be the first professional since August Starek to win the title with two different clubs in two consecutive seasons. Starek won the championship with Nuremberg in 1968, then switched to Bayern Munich and celebrated again in 1969.

BVB, News: Coronation for Marco Reus?

While Süle has already collected a lot of silverware as a Bayern professional, Marco Reus “only” has two successes in the DFB Cup (2017, 2021).

A few days before his 34th birthday (May 31), the BVB captain could crown his great Bundesliga career (364 games, 269 points) with his first (provisional) championship.

BVB, News: City of Dortmund is ready

The calm before the black and yellow storm still reigns at the legendary Borsigplatz roundabout. Borussia Dortmund, the whole city and numerous police forces are not only preparing for the big championship party at the club’s historic nucleus: If BVB actually wins the title against FSV Mainz 05, there will be a 48-hour state of emergency with around a quarter of a million fans expected in the streets.

The authorities are appealing to maintain the necessary composure in all the euphoria. “We are all looking forward to two days dedicated to football. Show that football is celebrated happily, peacefully and safely here in our city,” said Chief of Police Gregor Lange. “That would also be great advertising for Dortmund as a venue for the European Championships next year.”

According to the official press release, “immediately after the final whistle at around 5:20 p.m. and into the evening and late at night, spontaneous celebrations in public spaces can be expected.” Traffic could collapse, trains run extra shifts.

Achim Stankowitz has to ensure safety at the weekend. “We are preparing very conscientiously,” said the chief police director: “When so many people are out and about in public spaces, it is without a doubt a major police challenge – but one that we – especially under these conditions – are very happy to accept.”

The four-kilometre-long Meistertruck route around Borsigplatz will be given special protection, including drones to monitor the situation from the air. “The primary goal is to ensure peaceful coexistence on both days and to prevent crime,” the police said.

BVB, News: Expected line-up and starting position

It’s very simple: If BVB wins against Mainz 05, then they are champions. With every other outcome, Dortmund is dependent on Cologne’s Schützenhilfe against Bayern, who have a point less than BVB, but the goal difference is much, much better.

Although Bellingham is in the squad, he is unlikely to be on the pitch from the start in what may be his last game for BVB. Mats Hummels, who was replaced in Augsburg with a bad headache, is fit.

Expected BVB team: Kobel – Wolf, Süle, Hummels, Ryerson – Can, Brandt, Guerreiro – Malen, Haller, Adeyemi

Place team Sp. Gates differential pt.
1. Borussia Dortmund 33 81:42 39 70
2. Bayern Munich 33 90:37 53 68