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BVB: Rose sees squad deficiencies – Villarreal “our claim”



BVB: Rose sees squad deficiencies - Villarreal "our claim"

Borussia Dortmund coach Marco Rose has warned of a drop in tension in the Bundesliga season finale. “I hear that topic again and again. A very big respect. Too much has already happened in football for that,” said Rose before the game at VfB Stuttgart on Friday (8.30 p.m. / DAZN).

The second in the table is twelve points ahead of a non-Champions League place. “We set out to end the season on the best possible note,” said Rose. After the painful 1: 4 against RB Leipzig, you want “an immediate sense of achievement again”.

But Rose warned of the opponent. “Stuttgart has more than stabilized. They are developing a lot of momentum going forward, with a clear idea,” said Rose, who can fall back on the recently injured Erling Haaland (ankle) and Jude Bellingham (horse kiss).

In terms of inconsistency, he held the entire team responsible: “Everyone should get involved. We had enough experience on the pitch against Leipzig. Now, as a coach, you look at the Champions League, for example, and see the physique that Villarreal played against Bayern put it on the pitch. We see ourselves there, we have the requirements and we have to act accordingly and question ourselves. It’s absolutely right that people ask us why we can’t do it against Leipzig.”

The past few months have shown that the squad needs to be further optimized: “A lot has happened, but I don’t want to talk about it now, then people will come back and talk about excuses. As far as squad structure is concerned, ability to play every three days, that’s us been shown that we have some catching up to do. We want to try to improve the squad in the summer,” explained Rose and also made it clear. “I’m the head coach, I’m responsible for making things better. If we don’t get it right then it’s clear that I’ll take responsibility for that too.”