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BVB sales candidate Nico Schulz – consultant: “Then he will just stay”



BVB sales candidate Nico Schulz - consultant: "Then he will just stay"

Nico Schulz is considered a safe sales candidate for Borussia Dortmund this summer. But BVB could stay on the left-back, as the advisor hinted. He also talks about the rumor that Kylian Mbappe wants to get rid of Julian Draxler at PSG.

When it comes to the conversion work in the BVB squad, Nico Schulz is considered a candidate for sale and the left-back is also moving away from Borussia Dortmund.

“Nico hasn’t played, is dissatisfied with himself, is looking for a new sporting challenge, is very open to a change. That’s how it is when it doesn’t fit, when you no longer appreciate each other,” said Schulz advisor Roger Wittmann picture.

However, BVB cannot assume that the 29-year-old ex-national player will leave the club in any case. “He won’t move just so he’s changed. He’ll go to a good club and if that doesn’t work, then stay,” Wittmann continued.

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The powerful player consultant also talks about another client whose departure has recently been speculated about: Julian Draxler. “We are in contact with the club, every year you hear the same rumor, Julian has just extended. It’s all part of the business, but Julian can handle it, he’s no longer a rascal,” said Wittmann.

Wittmann has little left over the rumor that Kylian Mbappe Draxler, who has been given new power, does not want to have Draxler in the team: “I can only laugh about that. He has a great relationship with Kylian. But I think that he is setting up the team a fairy tale.”