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BVB signing Felix Nmecha asserts: “I love everyone”



BVB signing Felix Nmecha asserts: "I love everyone"

National player Felix Nmecha asserts that he will not discriminate against anyone because of their sexuality.

“I think a few things were taken out of context,” said Borussia Dortmund’s access in a BVB video about the allegations of homophobia and transphobia, without naming these things: “Of course I’m a Christian, but I love everyone Guys. I don’t discriminate. I hope the fans will give me a chance to get to know each other and see that I’m a hopefully great person.”

The former Wolfsburg resident shared two posts on Instagram that are classified as homophobic and anti-queer. He later deleted them. According to BVB, he personally convinced the highest officials of Westphalia to stand by the club’s written code of values ​​before the transfer.

In terms of sport, Nmecha (22) could be a good replacement for Jude Bellingham, who moved to Real Madrid. “Playing in this stadium, in front of these amazing fans, feeling like a Dortmund player – I’m thrilled and can’t wait,” he said. “I try to do a lot for the team with and without the ball, I try to always play with confidence. I always want to have the ball and create, I want to fight for the team.”

Nevertheless, there was apparently a stomach ache at BVB. “I also had great concerns at first,” club president Reinhold Lunow wrote on Twitter: “Felix Nmecha will have to earn the trust of many Black and Yellows in view of the criticism in the run-up to the transfer. He has my trust.”