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Christian Streich receives award as coach of the year



Christian Streich receives award as coach of the year

Freiburg’s Christian Streich proudly accepted the award for coach of the year.

“I’m more than happy about the award. I really appreciate it. I find it incredible that they voted for me,” said the 57-year-old ahead of the Bundesliga home game against Borussia Dortmund on Friday (live from 8:30 p.m on DAZN): “Not everyone can be wrong, we obviously did some things well.”

At the annual table football– Voting among Germany’s sports journalists, Streich had prevailed over Frankfurt’s Oliver Glasner.

He accepts the award “on behalf of the club and everyone who works here,” emphasized the longest-serving coach in the league: “I think it’s incredibly great that we’re being honored for things we’ve done together.”

He had “already built a pedestal for the trophy and I’ll hang a picture of myself over it,” he joked and then restricted: “It will definitely find a place somewhere in the apartment. But not in such a way that the people are forced to watch it all the time.”

Streich sounds the alarm about climate change

At the same time, Streich sounds the alarm because of the increasingly noticeable climate change. “It’s bad and worrying. We’ve known it for years,” said the 57-year-old. But he has “great concerns that something will change in our attitude overall. That’s why it will continue like this”.

With these problems, football “is not the first relevance, but other things are much more important”. For example, he worries enormously about agriculture because of the drought. “That’s why I’m so happy when it rains,” said the league’s longest-serving coach. But he fears that water and vegetation will not be the same in the future as they are now.