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Christopher Nkunku’s comeback is on the horizon



Christopher Nkunku's comeback is on the horizon

RB Leipzig coach Marco Rose may be able to fall back on star player Christopher Nkunku in the next but one league game. As the coach announced on Friday, the aim is for the Frenchman to be back in the squad at VfL Wolfsburg on February 18th. The home game against Union Berlin on Saturday (6.30 p.m.) is still too early for Germany’s footballer of the year.

On Tuesday, the 25-year-old took part in part of the team training again after tearing his lateral ligament. “Next week we want to integrate him completely. Then he’ll have a full week of training in his legs. Then our plan is to throw him into games as well. How long the strength will last, how fast he’ll be the Cristo again, the we know, you have to see.”

So far, it has been said that Nkunku should be fit again for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Manchester City (February 22). “He can shoot and has a very good grip. Now you have to keep an eye on things when the game gets tougher. You have to get him used to tackling,” said Rose.

On the other hand, Rose was critical of the traditional silent protest of the fans of the upcoming opponent Union Berlin: “It’s not ridiculous, you should take it seriously. It’s certainly legitimate too. I find it hypocritical here and there,” he said . “I always have to smile at how many people jump on it and definitely have to comment again.” Rose, on the other hand, is about “working football here, playing football”.

As with every guest appearance in Leipzig, the approximately 4,500 Union fans will remain silent for the first 15 minutes on Saturday because of the rejection of the RB Leipzig model: “I know Union and I know where they come from and how they benefit from the fans. Union is fighting for it to maintain this underdog image for as long as possible.” However, other sums are now being paid for players in Berlin than a few years ago.