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Coach icon Ewald Lienen would “invite Max Kruse home for a week”



Coach icon Ewald Lienen would "invite Max Kruse home for a week"

Trainer veteran Ewald Lienen (69) has an unusual idea for dealing with striker Max Kruse. “If I hired Max Kruse, I would invite him to my house for a week and do a lifestyle, nutrition or mentality seminar or something like that,” Lienen joked in one sky-Talk in Düsseldorf and added: “I would take my wife with me.”

In addition to the unusual idea for Kruse, who is considered to be unconventional in his lifestyle, Lienen also praised him as a footballer. “We know what an excellent player he is. Technically perfect, dangerous and a good assist provider,” said Lienen. The newcomer from second division SC Paderborn “got in his own way because he could have gotten much further if he had lived more professionally”, but: “You can work with the player and be successful.”

Lienen gave the coaches advice on how to deal with the 35-year-old: “The crucial thing is, if I want to approach a player as a coach, I have to trust him and have basic acceptance. If people are not perfect in character, you can’t do it. I can’t imagine that with Max.”

The long-time coach of FC St. Pauli also commented on another top transfer in the 2nd division. Marcel Halstenberg, who recently joined his youth club Hannover 96, “could have played at a high level for four or five more years. That shows what kind of personality he is,” praised Lienen: “That also speaks for him.”