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Coach Jesse Marsch convinced new signing Brian Brobbey



Coach Jesse Marsch convinced new signing Brian Brobbey

RB Leipzig’s new coach Jesse Marsch has convinced new signing Brian Brobbey (19) that RBL is the right club for him. The striker had previously openly addressed his skepticism about his new club.

“He told me that he also made Erling Haaland better in Salzburg and that he could do the same for me,” said Brobbey at the Leipzig training camp in Saalfelden. Marsch phoned the Dutchman several times. He is now “happy to be a RB Leipzig player”.

Previously, Brobbey, who had come from Ajax Amsterdam on a free transfer, had his contract, dated until 2025, checked by his advisor Mino Raiola. He even put a contract termination in the room.

The reason for this was the departure of the former RBL coach Julian Nagelsmann to FC Bayern. “It was weird. He told me he was staying and then he decided to leave,” Brobbey said.

The striker himself first had to google march. He came across the American’s cabin address before the Champions League game with Salzburg against Liverpool, which would have inspired him.

RB Leipzig: Brobbey causes astonishment with an interview

Brobbey had an interview with the magazine back in June ELFvoetball caused astonishment. “I don’t have an apartment yet, haven’t started German lessons, I still have to get to know the players and I haven’t followed the Bundesliga in the last few weeks. I hardly ever watch this competition,” he said.

He also stated that he had had several offers: “The interest was great. I could have gone to Italy, but do you get a chance in Italy at the age of 19? My agents thought Leipzig was the best step. A move to Spain or England is always possible. I’m still young and my career should be long. “

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