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Comment on FC Bayern Munich press conference: “Football is just honest”



Comment on FC Bayern Munich press conference: "Football is just honest"

At a press conference, FC Bayern Munich tried to justify Julian Nagelsmann’s expulsion. Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic reveal one thing above all: that they were not honest. However, they can learn a lot from their new coach Thomas Tuchel. A comment.

“Football is just honest,” said Hasan Salihamidzic at the FC Bayern Munich press conference on Saturday, which also sealed the departure of Julian Nagelsmann and welcomed Thomas Tuchel as the new coach of the record champions. The sporting director was referring to the team’s performances and some results that the bosses didn’t like.

And yet this sentence also had an ironic level. Because FC Bayern hasn’t been honest in the last few weeks – especially to their own fans. Until last Monday, when President Herbert Hainer table football confirmed the long-term project with Julian Nagelsmann, those responsible tried to refer all doubts about their coach to the realm of fables.

Salihamidzic now explained at the press conference that they believed in Nagelsmann to the end – at least until Sunday evening of the previous weekend. The change came on Monday and it was decided to part with Nagelsmann. First of all, however, they wanted to have Thomas Tuchel’s commitment, who in turn was contacted on Tuesday. Once everything was wrapped up, the story unfolded.

The fact that the short-term nature of this change in thinking is not true can be seen from Oliver Kahn’s remarks. Right at the beginning, the CEO explained in a long monologue that the decision was the result of a long process that was simply analyzed again during the week – and that it was not a panic reaction.

FC Bayern Munich: Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic fight for credibility

Regardless of the sporting decision, it is above all the external image of FC Bayern that leaves big question marks. “We had a good and trusting cooperation,” emphasized Salihamidzic again and again in relation to Nagelsmann, who is an absolute “top trainer”. But dealing with him seems to have been anything but respectful in the end.

“It was an absolute priority for us to talk to Julian first,” explained Kahn: “We did that yesterday.” Yesterday, in this case it was Friday – after FC Bayern had already spoken to Tuchel. Nagelsmann also found out about his dismissal from the media on Thursday evening. When him the table football had contacted, the 35-year-old knew nothing.

Even before FC Bayern met Nagelsmann on Säbener Strasse and before there was even an official announcement, sports commentator Joachim Heben reported on Twitter about background discussions between the club and various editors to explain the decision. A clean separation process simply looks different.

The balancing act that Kahn and Salihamidzic tried to manage was huge: Just a few days ago, Nagelsmann’s future seemed certain, suddenly they had to justify the opposite. But they didn’t try very hard. They constantly avoided critical questions, told how difficult the decision was for them or how good Nagelsmann actually was.

At the same time, they said at least between the lines that he was no longer in control of the dressing room and accused him of defeats that were a year or more ago. Above all, however, they spoke of the lack of alternatives, which was surprising in view of the still good starting position in sport. Even Tuchel was later surprised that he received a call from FC Bayern at this point in time.

FC Bayern Munich: The bosses can learn from Thomas Tuchel

For about half an hour, the bosses tried to use as many words as possible without really revealing anything, but at the same time justifying that there was no other way now. A constant change between supposed respect and allegations towards ex-coach. Afterwards, however, observers were just as smart as before. Nagelsmann’s successor, Tuchel, of all people, who took the podium shortly afterwards, showed that communication can also be more approachable and better.

The 2021 Champions League winner was confronted with some critical questions. A journalist asked whether he and his management had recently put pressure on FC Bayern, as was reported in some places. “It’s not the type of negotiation, it’s not the type of communication. It doesn’t suit me or my management,” explained Tuchel credibly: “The timing was totally surprising. I didn’t expect it at all.”

Tuchel answered all questions directly and without detours, and did not avoid more unpleasant topics. Without a doubt, the 49-year-old had the easier task that day, unlike the people sitting next to him, he did not have to revise statements and opinions that were made just a few days ago. And whether he was always honest in his statements is also questionable.

So reported The Athletic that he had informed Bayern Munich that he did not want to wait until summer – Tuchel contradicted this. Still, he could at least give the impression of being credible. His new superiors hadn’t been able to do that before because they answered almost every question without actually answering it. In this point they can learn something from their new coach. But the realization of the evening should be that football is anything but honest.