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Critical situation with licensing? “Worst case we’ve ever had”



Critical situation with licensing?  "Worst case we've ever had"

Apparently, Hertha BSC is not only fighting to stay in the Bundesliga on a sporting level. A report of Süddeutsche Zeitung According to the DFL, licensing is extremely problematic.

An unnamed person involved in the events described the situation in the report as “highly critical”. The Berliners are “the worst case we’ve ever had”.

Hertha should not be sufficiently liquid, reserves would hardly be available, it is said. The examiners lack the imagination as to how the club should fill the financial gaps with player sales alone.

The DFL had previously imposed conditions on Hertha that must be met by June 30th.

The investor’s change from Lars Windhorst’s “Tennor” to “777 Partner” was also viewed critically. It is possible that the Americans have far-reaching influence, which is contrary to the existing 50 + 1 rule. Therefore, the club was asked “extremely critical questions” by the DFL.

“There are increasing indications that Hertha – contrary to the spirit of this golden league rule – has handed itself over to its American financiers out of sheer necessity,” writes the SZ.