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Last year, HSV and Hertha BSC faced each other in the relegation to the first Bundesliga.  The Berliners won the overall duel with 2:1 goals.

The Bundesliga season 2022/23 is slowly but surely moving towards the hot phase. High time to take a look at the relegation games. All information about the date, the dates as well as the broadcast on TV and live stream can be found here.

After 34 match days, the end of the season has not yet come – on the contrary. For two teams, that’s when things really get going. We are of course talking about the two teams that meet in the relegation duel.

Since the 2008/09 season, the third-best team in the 1st Bundesliga and the third-best team in the 2nd Bundesliga have faced each other at the end of the regular season.

After two games, in which each team was allowed to play one home game, it is clear who will complete the first or second division in the following season. From now on, the overall winner of the duel is first class, the loser second class.

The relegation games this year even come with a special change: the away goals rule that has been in force for years and has been used in large numbers in recent years has been abolished. If both teams have scored the same number of goals after two 90-minute periods – regardless of the stadium in which they were scored – the duel goes into extra time and possibly even penalties.

Bundesliga, relegation 2023: date, dates

The DFL announced the framework dates for the remainder of the 2022/23 season back in January. Accordingly, the relegation matches between the first and second divisions will be played on the following dates:

  • first leg: June 1st
  • second leg: June 5th

The games between the representatives of league two and three will take place one day later.

Bundesliga, relegation 2023: broadcast on TV and live stream

But not only the date is already set, the transmission situation of all four games is already in the dry cloths.

Bundesliga, relegation 2023: broadcast on TV

In linear television, the private broadcaster becomes Sat 1 organize the broadcast. The games can thus be seen on free TV.

Bundesliga, relegation 2023: broadcast in live stream

The situation in the live stream is a little different. Here the games are distributed via two platforms, from which you can then choose one: the website for one and the platform JOYN on the other hand.

Bundesliga, relegation 2023: The last relegation duels

Year first division second division first leg second leg overall result
2022 Hertha BSC Hamburger SV 0:1 2-0 2:1
2021 1. FC Cologne Holstein Kiel 0:1 5:1 5:2
2020 Werder Bremen 1.FC Heidenheim 0:0 2:2 2:2
2019 VfB Stuttgart Union Berlin 2:2 0:0 2:2
2018 VfL Wolfsburg Holstein Kiel 3:1 1:0 4:1