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Dennis Aogo defends Serge Gnabry for Paris trip



Dennis Aogo defends Serge Gnabry for Paris trip

Ex-Bundesliga and national player Dennis Aogo defended Serge Gnabry on a day off after his trip to Paris Fashion Week: “After a defeat, when we had two days off, I was in Mallorca with my girlfriend at the time. This was followed by a huge one media whirl,” Aogo explained to dem table football remembering an experience of my own and spoke of a “hunt”.

Of course he didn’t stop at Ballermann at the time, but “you’ll be immediately put in a drawer” – like Gnabry.

“Had Serge seen an art exhibition at the Louvre, he wouldn’t have been pilloried like that. He was just pursuing his passion, which has been known for years, fashion,” Aogo continued. “Football has to be ready to change in order to pick up the next generation. The trend is towards greater awareness of individual stars. The extroverted professionals in particular play a major role for the clubs.”

Aogo didn’t want to say that professionals “can do anything. But a player like Gnabry represents added value for FC Bayern because he is who he is.” After all, football is “also entertainment. The standards that were set here are a bit outdated”, after all Gnabry “didn’t move around the houses”.

FC Bayern around Kahn and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic had clearly criticized Gnabry after his trip to Paris, Salihamidzic even described him as “amateurish”. Stefan Effenberg made a similar statement in Sport1 double pass. “Uli would have thrown completely different words at us,” he said about the clarifying conversation between Gnabry and Salihamidzic afterwards, which is said to have been over after 20 minutes.