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Descent ‘doesn’t take us astray’



Descent 'doesn't take us astray'

The chairman of the supervisory board, Axel Hefer from Schalke 04, has put the possible descent of the Royal Blues into the second division into perspective. The plan then continues “that we want to lead the club back to Europe over the next five to seven years,” the 45-year-old told the newspapers Funk media group.

“A year and a half ago we said: We want to get promoted in the next three years, that was part of the multi-year plan. We did it in the first year. If we play another year or two in the 2nd Bundesliga, that will take us away not deviate from our long-term path,” said the entrepreneur, who has chaired the supervisory board at K√∂nigsblau since 2021 and is running for his second term this summer.

Hefer, full-time CEO of a large German travel company, also advocated redistributing TV funds in the future. He sees Schalke and other traditional clubs in the Bundesliga at a disadvantage: “The fact is that both sporting quality and tradition generate the odds. And that has to be taken into account,” said Hefer.