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DFB referee management criticizes the impartial Stegemann



DFB referee management criticizes the impartial Stegemann

Referee Sascha Stegemann (Niederkassel) had to accept heavy criticism from the sporting directorate of the DFB referees for not giving a penalty kick for Borussia Dortmund in the derby at VfL Bochum (1:1) on Friday evening.

The foul by Bochum’s Danilo Soares on Karim Adeyemi (65th) was a clear penalty, according to the DFB referee committee in a statement on Saturday.

The defender jumps from the side from behind with both legs in a duel for the ball. He didn’t play the ball, “instead only hits the opponent and brings him down. That’s a foul and therefore a penalty kick, as the TV Pictures prove it. The expectation must remain that such processes will be decided correctly by the referee on the pitch, without the need for support from the video assistant,” the statement said.

The defensive behavior of Bochum defender Erhan Masovic in the penalty area (90th) was not a penalty. The defender tries to block a shot with his right leg in front.

“But the ball goes against the left leg and over the upper body to the left upper arm, which the referee does not classify as an unnatural enlargement of the body surface in this movement sequence, but as a natural movement to support the body during the fall movement. This evaluation of the The referee’s process is understandable from the TV pictures,” said the association.