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DFL is apparently planning a reform of the schedule from the 2025/26 season



DFL is apparently planning a reform of the schedule from the 2025/26 season

The DFL is apparently planning a major game plan reform for the Bundesliga. This is reported by the sports business medium SpoBis.

Among other things, the English week, i.e. the game days on Tuesday and Wednesday, are to be abolished.

According to the report, the DFL is reacting to the low ratings for the games that are rather unpopular with the fans. In return, the winter break is to be slightly shortened.

In addition, more games are scheduled to take place on Sundays at 19.30, which has mostly been the case in the past when several teams were involved in international competitions on Thursdays during the week. Instead of the current ten, 15 games are to be kicked off at this time in the future.

The changes could also affect live broadcasts, it said. Between 2025 and 2029 there will only be one TV provider with exclusive rights. The so-called sole employment ban would be off the table.

Currently sharing sky and DAZN the broadcasting rights at the German upper house. The former broadcaster had all encounters exclusively in its program until 2017, before the Federal Cartel Office and other broadcasters resisted the monopoly.

The possible justification of the DFL for the abolition of the “No Single Buyer Rule”: The significant change in the competitor market – next to sky and DAZN now also offer Prime video as well as RTL+ live sports on.

The rights for the period between 2025 and 2029 will be granted in 2024. By then at the latest it should be clear where the Bundesliga will be in the future.