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Didi Hamann slaps FC Bayern: “It’s bottomless”



Didi Hamann doesn't skimp on criticism.

What a week so far for FC Bayern! After a mistake in substitution, the record champions have to worry about the 4-1 victory in Freiburg. And then the quarter-final first leg in the Champions League in Villarreal deservedly lost 0-1. In conversation with SPOX and GOAL, Sky expert Didi Hamann analyzes the club’s situation – and finds clear words.

Didi Hamann about…

… the 0-1 in Villarreal: “It was nothing. The only good thing was that they only lost 1-0. They played without a lead again and not for the first time this season. But the way the club presented themselves after the game in Freiburg, they did I’m not surprised. That fits the picture.”

… the communication before and after SC Freiburg’s appeal: “None of Bayern have admitted their guilt. They held up the sign with the wrong number. I don’t know what Sabitzer was thinking either. Of course, if you go in, you don’t do it until the substituted player has left the field The crowning glory was the self-important quote from Michael Gerlinger, who said: ‘We are convinced that the DFB sports court can only come to one decision according to the applicable regulations: the rating of our 4-1 victory is retained’ cannot be surpassed in terms of self-importance. That is weak leadership. If I make a mistake, I have to admit it to myself. But now to push Freiburg into the corner of unsportsmanlike is bottomless.”

… the appeal of SC Freiburg: “It’s not just Freiburg’s right, it’s even their duty to lodge an objection. It’s about the integrity of the league. I fully understand that. It’s a violation of the rules that must be punished. The sports court must decide how it is punished Whether it’s proportionate if Bayern should lose the points is another question. But it’s clear that they have to be sanctioned.”

… Julian Nagelsmann’s unsuccessful tactics in Villarreal: “I don’t know if he was coached. But right from the start you got the impression that Villarreal were more aggressive. The full-backs played outstandingly. They took Bayern’s wingers out of the game. Bayern lacked presence in the center. They got from Missing the necessary consistency from the start. When things start like this, it’s incredibly difficult to change that during the game. They didn’t manage to do that. It was also striking how open they were again. Of course you can do that in the long run don’t play. Without wanting to offend Villarreal: There are completely different calibers for Bayern if they progress.”

Hamann: “I’m missing the lead a bit”

… Bayern’s volatile season: “Advancement is not set in stone. It wasn’t the first time this season that Bayern had problems. It was the same with the 1-1 draw in Salzburg, and it was difficult there too. The 7-1 im The second leg was also a bit too cheered for me. Before the game, Salzburg had 15 men in corona quarantine.”

… missing leaders: “They are far too open at the back. I lack the lead a bit there. That someone sometimes wins a decisive duel or shows a reaction. For me, a leading player is someone who makes the others better. They have it at the back at the moment None. Süle could do that, but he’s not playing at the moment. The four or five players in front of Kimmich are soloists who you can usually always rely on. But when a game goes like it did in Villarreal, you also need someone from behind Pulse.”

… the comeback of Alphonso Davies: “What Davies did after a four-month break was amazing. When a player who hasn’t played for so long is one of the best, you know you’re struggling in the team.”

… the table lead: “They weren’t challenged much in the league. The fact that they are so far up the field is due to the inability of Dortmund or Leipzig. Bayern’s performance against international opponents is too poor.”

Hamann: New contract? “You have to look at Lewandowski”

… the salaries at FC Bayern: “Bayern have to see whether what they pay the players is justified. Of course you can’t take the Bundesliga as a benchmark, you have to look for international comparison. They played against seventh in the Spanish league. After the win against Juventus, Villarreal lost to 17th and 19th in the table and probably won’t play internationally next season. It makes you wonder what happens if Manchester City or Liverpool come…”

… the contracts of Müller, Neuer and Lewandowski, which expire in 2023: “There is no reason not to extend with Neuer or Müller. With Lewandowski you have to see whether he wants more than two years. Then of course you have to think about it. At the end of the contract he would be 37. You can also see that with Ronaldo it gets harder with age.”

… future contract negotiations: “With Müller and Neuer I say: yes, extend it. But of course they can’t earn more. You have to make sure that the contracts are made even more performance-related. If you have five or six players who earn around 20 million euros, you have to Of course, the aspiration is that you get to the semi-finals in the Champions League. Of course you can be eliminated, but it’s always about the way. In Villarreal it was too little and sobering.”

FC Bayern: The upcoming games

date time competition Opponent
9th April 3.30 p.m Bundesliga FC Augsburg (H)
12. April 21 clock Champions League FC Villarreal (H)
17th April 3.30 p.m Bundesliga Arminia Bielefeld (A)