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Dietmar Hamann sharply criticizes FCB goalkeeper Yann Sommer



Dietmar Hamann sharply criticizes FCB goalkeeper Yann Sommer

TV expert Dietmar Hamann sharply criticized goalkeeper Yann Sommer from FC Bayern Munich for his performance in the 0: 3 defeat against Manchester City in the Champions League.

“For me, the goalkeeper was hopelessly overwhelmed today,” said Hamann sky And he didn’t let Sommer’s good scenes dissuade him from his opinion: “You don’t have to show them to me, I don’t give a damn. That’s what he’s in the goal for, that’s what he’s paid to keep the balls for. The goalkeeper doesn’t just have not only today, but also in the last few weeks has made the team feel insecure,” said the former Bayern player.

For Hamann, Sommer was the reason why there was a defeat in Manchester: “You’re going to Manchester. You know a lot has to go right for us to get a result. And then you have a goalkeeper in there who almost lost himself after 20 minutes shoots the ball in himself again. That’s when you start shaking.”

Looking ahead to Sommer’s future, Hamann continued: “I thought when he came he could do it. I have to revise today. I don’t think he’s an option to be in goal for Bayern next year because he’s in was too often overwhelmed in the big games in the last few weeks.”

Sommer came in winter for eight million euros to replace the injured Manuel Neuer from Borussia Mönchengladbach. His contract in Munich runs until 2025.