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Dunja Hayali taunts Max Eberl



Dunja Hayali taunts Max Eberl

The farce about Max Eberl’s canceled appearance in the “Aktuelle Sportstudio” continues. Sports studio moderator Dunja Hayali could not resist a tip in the direction of RB Leipzig’s sports director.

“Life is not a pony farm,” wrote Hayali on Twitter towards Eberl. The 49-year-old was supposed to be in the ZDF-Be a guest on the show, but the performance was cancelled.

The reason: As the public broadcaster announced, the editors could not meet Eberl’s wish to largely exclude certain topics. It’s all about the “Causa Gladbach”.

Eberl resigned as Managing Director Sport at Borussia Mönchengladbach at the end of January 2022 due to an exhaustion syndrome. In December he finally took over the post in Leipzig and since then has been attacked by Gladbach, some of them violently.

“For me, the circumstances of the past weekend have fundamentally changed the basis for evaluating a visit to the gym. From my point of view, everything has been said several times. I would now like to tick a box and look ahead,” Eberl said Picture quoted.

“The circumstances of the past weekend – by which Eberl may mean the match day and the visit to the Dopa,” wrote Hayali: “I do think that there are still many (follow-up) questions, but everyone has the right to their opinion – also to an invitation and statements – to change.”

Eberl shows understanding for the ZDF

The ZDF had previously announced that it was respected that Eberl no longer wanted to comment on his former club: “Excluding entire blocks of topics does not correspond to our journalistic self-image.” Eberl’s expectations and those of ZDF-Redaktion “were not compatible with each other in this case, there was no common basis for the appearance”.

Eberl emphasized that in the past few weeks – especially around the Bundesliga game against Borussia Mönchengladbach – some emotional topics off the field have taken up a lot of space in public discussion. “I faced these issues even though I wanted to end them a long time ago. Rather, it was partly interpreted as if I wanted to actively heat up the discussions. That was not my intention, despite all the emotion,” said the former professional .

He “fully understands if I put myself in their perspective” for the renewed reporting on the subject of Gladbach intended by the sports studio team, emphasized Eberl. From his point of view, however, everything has been said: “I would like to leave it at that.”