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Eintracht Frankfurt – allegation of drug possession: Fischer’s lawyers speak of “character assassination campaign”



Eintracht Frankfurt - allegation of drug possession: Fischer's lawyers speak of "character assassination campaign"

Eintracht Frankfurt President Peter Fischer has vehemently rejected the allegations of illegal drug possession made against him through his lawyers. According to a press release by Fischer’s lawyers Marko Spänle and Stefan Bernhard-Eckel, it was a “character assassination campaign”.

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt had initiated investigations against the 66-year-old, his wife and 25-year-old son on Monday. Loud MR Fischer’s younger son (13) is said to have used cocaine at school with a friend, and the friend’s mother informed the school and the police. Fischer’s apartment was then searched at the end of January, and according to the HR report, the investigators found cocaine residues on the Eintracht President’s bedside table.

After examining the investigation file, Fischer’s lawyers stated that they were of the legal opinion that “the issuing and execution of the search warrant (…) had already been unlawful”. During the police interrogation, Fischer’s son’s friend and his mother gave contradictory and in some cases little credible information. It was “not understandable why this information was not questioned,” it said in the four-page letter.

It is true that during the house search “a small amount of marijuana was found in a small handbag belonging to the household help and a small amount of a suspicious substance was found in her bed”. And: “Residues of a white substance were also found on a sticky surface on a bedside table in a bedroom in which our client does not sleep.”

A rapid drug test was carried out on this substance, which reacted positively to cocaine. However, it is “not a standard test method that is recognized as reliable in practice,” it said, referring to various previous judgments. A result of such a test is therefore “not admissible in court”.

The Eintracht President also instructed his lawyers “to react criminally to the false allegations made by the child’s mother”. An application has already been made to stop the “investigative proceedings being conducted against our client, his partner and his son”.