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Eintracht Frankfurt: athletic trainer affords Twitter derailment



Eintracht Frankfurt: athletic trainer affords Twitter derailment

Eintracht Frankfurt’s athletics coach Martin Spohrer made a Twitter lapse in the course of his club’s 3-1 defeat against TSG Hoffenheim on Saturday, but apologized immediately.

The trigger was the penalty that Andrej Kramaric converted to make it 2-0 for Hoffenheim. Like many Frankfurters, Spohrer also regarded the previous action by Hoffenheim’s Christoph Baumgartner after a duel with Daichi Kamada as a swallow. On Twitter, Spohrer wrote “HRNSHN Baumgartner”, probably meaning “son of a bitch”. Shortly thereafter, he deleted the tweet and wrote “SCHWALBE” instead.

On Sunday evening, the 45-year-old said: “I would like to expressly apologize for my tweet after the penalty situation in yesterday’s game in Hoffenheim! Something like this must not happen to me under any circumstances and was unprofessional! It happened in the excitement of what I felt was provoked Penalty, which does not justify the tweet or the choice of words, for which I once again sincerely apologize, especially to Christoph Baumgartner!”

Spohrer has been working for Eintracht since 2017. Loud Picture he was summoned for a clarifying discussion with license director Timmo Hardung. In the wake of the defeat, coach Oliver Glasner threw a tantrum at the press conference. Eintracht is without a win in the Bundesliga for ten games, but is in the DFB Cup final against RB Leipzig on June 3rd.