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“Everything that was in there was true”



"Everything that was in there was true"

Jürgen Klinsmann has defended the contents of his legendary diary at Hertha BSC. During his 76 days at the club in the 2019/20 season, the manager had written reviews of his players, which the sports picture were subsequently published.

“In retrospect: everything that was in there, because it was an honest work report, was correct. I don’t have a guilty conscience. I was just sorry that it was then spread over weeks and months because it was in the form has never taken place,” said Klinsmann in the DFB podcast “More than just a game”.

“Of course it hurt me a lot that the diaries, this work report, finally became public. It was an internal report that was never, ever intended for the media. But it was honest,” says Klinsmann, who has not more than coach worked.

After only ten games, he announced his retirement via Facebook in February 2020: “Looking back, I should have communicated it differently. I’m a guy, I get very emotional when the barrel is practically overflowing at some point, then it is Then it’s just like that. Then I certainly didn’t think about certain things in such a way that they could cause such a huge echo, as in the situation.”