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Ex-BVB flop Reinier looks back on time at BVB: “It was a massacre”



Ex-BVB flop Reinier looks back on time at BVB: "It was a massacre"

At Borussia Dortmund, Reinier never got beyond the role of supplementary player. Now the Brazilian spoke for the first time about his time at BVB and complained about unfair conditions at his former club.

He couldn’t understand that Lucian Favre, Edin Terzic and later Marco Rose didn’t count on him. “I have a clear conscience. It was their decision. I respected everyone – the club itself as well as the players who were allowed to play. It’s just a shame,” said the 20-year-old in an interview with the Brazilian newspaper Global Esports.

He always showed full commitment in training and recommended himself for the starting eleven. “I did my duties. I trained, went home and was back the next day – always on time. I did everything I could and should do,” said Reinier.

Ultimately, there was no alternative to saying goodbye to BVB. “I haven’t been able to develop as a footballer. I’ve trained well. People, whose names I don’t want to mention, said to me: ‘You’re training really well, congratulations, keep it up!’ But I didn’t play what I couldn’t understand,” said the youngster. In the end he just wanted to get away.

Reinier: “It was a massacre”

The unsatisfactory sporting situation was joined by criticism in the media and malice in social networks, which would have added to him. “It was just a massacre, it just delivered blows. It was a very difficult period for me.” He was always on the pitch at his previous club Flamengo: “And then suddenly not playing anymore, even though you feel like you want to help your team, doesn’t feel good,” continued the attacking midfielder.

Reinier joined Borussia Dortmund on loan from Real Madrid in the summer of 2020. In his two years at BVB, he made 39 competitive appearances, scoring one goal and one assist. In the past transfer window, he moved – again on loan – from Real to FC Girona. There he is now an integral part of the first eleven.