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Ex-professional Hamann criticizes FCB for changing mistakes



FC Bayern played with twelve men for a few seconds in Freiburg.

Ex-professional Dietmar Hamann sees the responsibility of those responsible for the record champions when FC Bayern Munich made a mistake in Freiburg. The scoring of the game is still open. Leon Goretzka’s comeback is fading into the background. All news and rumors about FC Bayern can be found here.

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FC Bayern, News: Hamann criticizes FCB for changing mistakes

Ex-professional Dietmar Hamann went to court with those responsible in Munich after FC Bayern Munich made a mistake in the game at SC Freiburg (4: 1).

“I have little understanding for that. It’s Bayern’s own fault,” said Hamann in his role as a TV expert sky. “They have a coaching staff of ten or 15 people. One has to see that there are twelve men on the pitch.”

Hamann added: “It’s a violation of the rules. If someone goes onto the field, someone has to go down. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 20 seconds or five minutes.” It’s about the “integrity of the league,” said Hamann. “Dortmund probably see it differently than Bayern see it.”

Bayern had been on the field for a few seconds with twelve players in Freiburg because Coman had not left the field when he was substituted. Background: The sideline board showed Coman’s old shirt number (29 instead of 11) so the Frenchman didn’t feel addressed.

Hamann himself was once involved in a breakdown as a Bayern player. In 1995 Giovanni Trapattoni Hamann illegally came on as the fourth contract amateur. The game at Eintracht Frankfurt, which Bayern had actually won 5-2, was subsequently scored 0-2 against Bayern.

FC Bayern, News: Rating of the Freiburg game open

The rating of the game between SC Freiburg and FC Bayern Munich (1: 4) is still open. “The control committee is not involved as long as Freiburg does not object,” said Anton Nachreiner, chairman of the DFB control committee SID-Inquiry. The Breisgauer would have to decide on a possible objection by Monday afternoon, then the deadline ends.

SC trainer Christian Streich had on Saturday evening in the Current gym of ZDF described the procedure as “absurd”: “There are rules for everything, there are no objections to corner kicks or free kicks. I am firmly convinced that there are rules.” Sports Director Jochen Saier had at sky said that the people of Freiburg would first “cook it down” and then “think about it”.

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke of a vague situation at the press conference: “Then there were eight or nine seconds in which we were one man too many on the pitch. There were two crossballs in midfield and not a game-winning scene, so you now have the must question fairness.”

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FC Bayern, News: referee boss gives Dingert partial blame

DFB referee chief Lutz Michael Fröhlich has partly blamed the referee team led by Christian Dingert after Bayern made a mistake. “It would have been good to have done another check before the game resumed. That would have been the best thing for the referee,” said Fröhlich dpa.

Felix Zwayer, who was the video assistant at the game, admitted his complicity. “It was a chain in this case – the wrong number was displayed. In fact, it is always the responsibility of the referee team to make a substitution in accordance with the rules and in practice that is then the fourth official’s job. He sees to it that the player to be substituted leaves the field, he watches it and lets the substitute enter,” explained Zwayer ZDF sports studio.

The referee boss announced talks with those involved: “It has something to do with concentration and overview. We have to talk to the referees about this again internally.”

Here is the detailed report.

FC Bayern, News: That’s what Goretzka says about his comeback

Due to the breakdown in Freiburg, the sporting events at FC Bayern have taken a back seat – especially the comeback of Leon Goretzka. The midfielder crowned his return after months of suffering with the goal to make it 1-0.

“It was a difficult time recently because there was always hope and then you were disappointed again. There’s a lot going on when you can make it 1-0 and celebrate with the fans. That was a goosebump moment,” said Goretzka behind.

Due to long-term problems with the patellar tendon, Goretzka has not played a game since December 4.

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April 6th 21 clock Champions League Villarreal FC (A)
9th April 3.30 p.m Bundesliga FC Augsburg (H)
12. April 21 clock Champions League FC Villarreal (H)
17th April 3.30 p.m Bundesliga Arminia Bielefeld (A)