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Ex-Real star Isco settles with Union Berlin after the change has failed




Isco, former Real Madrid star, has said in an interview with the Spanish sports newspaper mark spoke in detail about his failed move to Union Berlin in January 2023 and made serious allegations against the Bundesliga club.

At the end of January, Isco was about to sign with the Köpenickers. He had already passed the medical check in the capital, but the planned cooperation failed in the last few meters. “What happened in Berlin was intense,” Isco summarized. He reported on the Union interest that his adviser had told him about. “Union was doing very well in the Bundesliga, was represented in the Europa League, the contract was good, the project worked well too, so I agreed,” he explained.

The first problems then appeared in Berlin: “Everything was taken care of. I took the photos, said a greeting into the camera – the typical thing. Then we arranged to meet for the next day’s medical check-up. And the next morning I was told in the car on the way to the hospital: ‘We can’t register you for the Europa League.’ I said, ‘You tell me that now?!'”

“I passed the medical check. On the way to signing the contract, I was called again. ‘Listen, now it’s not that amount, it’s less.’ I accepted a change a second time, but ten minutes later I was called a third time and was told that the amount for the coming season is not what was agreed either and that it needs to be revised,” said Isco.

Isco: “I’m not 18 years old”

“That’s why I said that I wouldn’t sign it like that. If everything happened in Germany in twelve hours, I don’t want to think about what would have happened within a year. I said I’m sorry and I’m going to Spain return,” he added.

His conclusion: “I came with great expectations and a lot of anticipation. And in 15 minutes they changed half of the contract. That was disrespectful. I’m not 18 years old. It’s not the first contract I’ve signed either”, so Isco.

Isco joined Málaga FC from the Valencia youth team in 2011. Two years later he went to Real Madrid for 30 million euros. He stayed there for nine years before moving to Sevilla FC in 2022. However, his time with the Andalusians ended after less than half a year. Isco is currently without a club.