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Fan representatives welcome Hertha choice and hope for momentum



Fan representatives welcome Hertha choice and hope for momentum

The representatives of the most important fan organizations welcome the election of the former Ultras Kay Bernstein as the new Hertha President and hope for more influence on a broader front.

“From our point of view, this is a good thing, a great thing. It was a good day for the fans,” Sig Zelt from “Pro Fans” told SID.

“The example shows that it is possible to gain more influence and even majorities,” added Zelt. He believes that this is also possible with other clubs.

Zelt is a self-confessed Unioner, “but that didn’t stop me from congratulating Mr. Bernstein. He also thanked him.” At Hertha, “the so-called establishment hasn’t managed to move the club forward for years, so much money was burned. One can only hope that the new start will be successful.”

Helen Breit from “Unsere KURK” said: “The public pressure from fans is perceived, you can no longer downplay your voice as it was before the pandemic.” She is “massively” happy that there is more movement at general meetings – “and we have to use this opportunity because we have it in Germany”.

When it comes to the right to have a say, she “sees no general positive trend when viewed soberly”. Nevertheless, a critical fan public is forming more and more. She hopes “that this broader base will increasingly show up in elections and say: there’s still a lot going wrong!”