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FC Bayern: Apparently new salary clauses at FCB



FC Bayern: Apparently new salary clauses at FCB

FC Bayern Munich has apparently introduced a novelty for player contracts with Sadio Mané’s contract. As the sports picture reported, the contract of the new top striker has bonus payments linked to scorer points. This model should probably be introduced for all players.

The newspaper quotes an internal source, according to which “in addition to quantitative targets” (such as basic salary or bonuses for working hours and team success), “qualitative targets” should also be built into future contracts at FC Bayern. There is also important additional information: The first DFB Cup game, where lower-class opponents are regularly shot down, should not be relevant in the clause. The same applies to penalties to prevent discussions about possible shooters.

In addition to the economic benefit, it is hoped that this will also strengthen teamwork, because not only the goal scorers, but also the preparers would be rewarded for their performance. Bayern seems to have recently put a lot of focus on strengthening team spirit and squad satisfaction. This is not well received everywhere, Matthias Sammer recently criticized corresponding statements by Hasan Salihamidzic, but in theory it is certainly a good thing.

In order to be able to keep up at the highest European level, high salaries must also be paid in Munich, according to a study by the portal capology fourth-highest on the continent – at €264m, that would be more than any top Premier League club. This cost statement is known to the Bayern bosses, but internally it is “strongly doubted” whether it is correct. Even if it is conceivable that the English expenses are too low due to the significantly higher television money, this is loudly the case sports picture also for the numbers of FC Bayern.

Matthew: “Mané earns more than in Liverpool”

This could keep up financially, but would not keep up with the absolute top salaries of over 25 million euros. Instead, FCB have significantly increased spending across the squad and are therefore more than 100 million euros ahead of Bundesliga competitor Borussia Dortmund. Part of the so-called annual performance bonuses are also payments for “whole stakes”, which are due when a player plays at least one half. This can account for up to 25 percent of the total salary.

This is one of the reasons why record national player and ex-Bayern professional Lothar Matthäus indicated that the timing of the substitution was of great relevance for the players: “With such a high-quality range of offensive players as is currently available at Bayern, that also increases a little the pressure on the coach. The players who are on the bench are not only dissatisfied because they are not allowed to play – but possibly also because they are losing part of their salary.”

As a player, he himself was “a great supporter of performance-related contracts”. He said of Mané: “I am convinced that he earns more at Bayern than in Liverpool. If you can offer that as a club, you must have done a lot right.”