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FC Bayern – comment on the gala against Werder Bremen: The FCB block is more important than ever at the World Cup



FC Bayern – comment on the gala against Werder Bremen: The FCB block is more important than ever at the World Cup

FC Bayern demolished the next gala in the Bundesliga, while BVB messed up again. Around two weeks before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, only the Munich internationals are in top form, with a few exceptions. There are indications: The FCB block must save Germany at the World Cup. A comment.

Serge Gnabry, Leon Goretzka and Jamal Musiala – all three scored in the 6-1 win against Werder Bremen, the former even three times. In Mathys Tel, only one FC Bayern player appeared on the scoreboard who will not be wearing the jersey of the German national team at the World Cup.

The trio has been in excellent form for weeks, as has Joshua Kimmich. Leroy Sané and Manuel Neuer were also convincing, just as they were before their injuries. Only the ailing Thomas Müller falls out of line, but he has shown often enough in the past – especially under Hansi Flick in the triple year – how important he can be for his team.

With a few exceptions, the situation is different for the remaining potential World Cup drivers in the Bundesliga. Apart from Ilkay Gündogan, the legionnaires like Kai Havertz and Robin Gosens are not in the best of shape either. But what is likely to cause Flick the most concern: The performance of the German BVB professionals – Dortmund could even have more German players than FC Bayern – recently left a lot to be desired. In the disappointing 0:2 in Wolfsburg, even Mats Hummels, who was so strong recently, didn’t have a good day. At 17, Youssoufa Moukoko cannot be expected to be consistent anyway.

The Bayern block, which is so often cited, has to fix it – especially in the group games. To put it more sharply: He has to save Germany and could become more important than ever. “That was also Hansi Flick’s clear idea and announcement that we would get us into good shape and form,” said Goretzka after the thrashing of Bremen and referred to the short preparation that the DFB team expects: “This Sometimes the national coach doesn’t have the opportunity to go to a two-week training camp with us, but has to rely on the work at the club.”

FC Bayern: Six FCB stars must be seeded at the World Cup

Flick only has nine days from the day of departure on November 14th, the Monday after the last Bundesliga matchday before the break, to the start against Japan. Anything but a lot of time to find his team – and even less to get weak players out of the deep. It is also up to the Bayern block to carry and pull up the team. That is why there is no way around at least six FCB stars in the starting XI.

Neuer is pain free and looks like he was never absent. The headquarters around Kimmich and Goretzka is currently perhaps the best in the world and in attack Musiala, Sané and especially Gnabry are competing. The latter is extremely dangerous “regardless of where he is on the pitch”, explained Goretzka with a smile when asked whether his team-mate could also lead the attack in Qatar after his hat-trick.

FC Bayern: FCB star the answer to Flick’s striker question

The position of the striker has been occupying Germany for weeks, and Timo Werner’s injury caused even more unrest. Another alternative should be Havertz, who according to Goretzka “can definitely play there too” – and did so convincingly in the DFB jersey in the Nations League. However, four goals in 18 competitive games for Chelsea are meager. Gnabry, on the other hand, is probably the Bayern player in the best form at the moment. In his last seven starts, he was directly involved in eleven goals (five goals, six assists).

Now it’s up to the Bayern block to take the good form to Qatar and stay healthy – after all, Müller’s still unclear state of health is the only reason why Müller is currently not considered a safe starter in the DFB team. However, the FCB stars are not afraid of injuring themselves in the last game against Schalke 04.

“We actually talked about that with Julian (Nagelsmann; editor’s note). There was a clear message that he could of course understand it if that was in the back of his mind,” said Goretzka and made it clear: “That’s it Completely wrong approach, I’m fully behind that too. Something usually happens when you don’t go full into the duels. Accordingly, we throw ourselves into every duel.” Sentences that underline the irrepressible will of his team – and which will also be decisive in Qatar.

DFB team: The timetable of Germany

occurrence date
Last Bundesliga matchday November 11-13
Announcement of the final 26-man squad November 10th
Flight to Oman 14th November
Test match against Oman November 16th
Arrival at the World Cup quarters in Qatar November 17th
World Cup opener in Doha against Japan November 23
Game against Spain November 27th
Game against Costa Rica December 1