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FC Bayern – Ex-Bundesliga goalkeeper Jörg Stiel settles accounts with summer critics: “What nonsense!”



FC Bayern – Ex-Bundesliga goalkeeper Jörg Stiel settles accounts with summer critics: "What nonsense!"

Former Bundesliga goalkeeper Jörg Stiel has defended Bayern keeper Yann Sommer after the recent wave of criticism.

“I don’t understand this debate. Especially when I hear former goalkeepers expressing criticism, I wonder if they’ve all forgotten the mistakes they made in their careers,” said Stiel in an interview with

Especially the criticism of sky-Expert Dietmar Hamann on Sommer had overshot the mark. He had accused Sommer of being too small for the goalkeeper position when he conceded the first goal in the CL duel with Manchester City.

“Some experts should ask themselves whether they should comment on certain topics at all. For example, what does Didi Hamann talk about goalkeepers? Has he ever been in goal? I find that almost presumptuous. As a former goalkeeper, I also consider whether I I have to express myself on all topics,” continued the stalk.

The Swiss finds it “bad” that there are now so many people who would criticize Sommer’s performance. Stel continues: “The most ridiculous question in this context is whether Manuel Neuer would have saved such balls. I’ve never heard such nonsense. Apples are compared with oranges. The subjunctive neither scores goals nor does he keep balls.”

The accusation that Sommer unsettled Dayot Upamecano in Manchester also infuriated the former Borussia Mönchengladbach keeper: “I think it’s bad that so many people are now opening their mouths. Others should also question themselves. When I hear that Didi Hamann says “Yann Sommer unsettled Upamecano in Manchester so much that he finally made the mistake, that’s unnecessary. What nonsense! Upamecano was in the World Cup final and has numerous Champions League games – what does Yann Sommer have then to do with it if he loses the ball?”