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FC Bayern – “He doesn’t have a say”: Dietmar Hamann sharply criticizes FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann



FC Bayern – "He doesn't have a say": Dietmar Hamann sharply criticizes FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann

Dietmar Hamann has sharply criticized Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann for his behavior on the touchline and for criticizing the refereeing in the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“They shot at goal 35 times and failed because of their own inability, you have to say that very clearly,” said Hamann on Sunday Sky90 about Bayern’s game against Borussia Mönchengladbach. “It was definitely not the referee’s fault.”

Especially for Nagelsmann’s behavior on the sidelines and his choice of words, Hamann had no understanding. “He has to be aware that he is the Bayern Munich coach. There are certain things to consider. Certain things just don’t work. This asshole question: a Bayern Munich coach doesn’t have to say that. The choice of words bothers me ‘ Haman explained.

In addition, the ex-Liverpool player noted that Nagelsmann’s behavior on the touchline could “contaminate his team” and thus have a negative impact on his players.

“He has to make decisions. You’re in a phase where you’re 1-0 down. As emotional as you are, you still have to keep a clear and cool head. That’s why it was too much for me, especially in the second half.” , Hamann continued his criticism.

Hamann was surprised that Bayern were even concerned with the performance of the referee team after the game: “It was their own fault.”