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FC Bayern is apparently in contact with Harry Kane



FC Bayern is apparently in contact with Harry Kane

At Bayern, the discussion about a missing center forward is in full swing. A surprising internal solution seems to suggest itself. But the interest in Harry Kane is probably going into the next round.

Because according to information from table football a “first contact” with the 29-year-old has already taken place. “A gentle pat with the party Kane,” writes the magazine.

Kane is still under contract with London Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur until 2024 and is considered the Bavarian favorite to succeed Robert Lewandoski, who switched to FC Barcelona at the beginning of the season.

Spurs would like to extend, but Bayern want loud table football apparently shine with the arguments that the chances of a title in Munich are higher than in Tottenham – and a squad that can serve it.

After the departure of Lewandowski to FC Barcelona and the recent Bayern misery with four games without a win, the call for a real center forward around the club is getting louder. Noisy table football it may even be a fundamental decision to get a real number 9 by summer at the latest.

The interest in Harry Kane is there – but an ex-Munich resident does not believe in a realization: Owen Hargreaves, who played at Bayern Munich between 1997 and 2007. “He’s owned by Tottenham Hotspur and I find it hard to imagine him not playing in London next year,” Hargreaves said in an interview ran. The 41-year-old ex-midfielder is now a TV expert in England.

FC Bayern: An internal solution as number 9?

And he can well understand the interest in Kane. However, it is the case that Kane “is already under contract with a top club at Tottenham and also has a really good coach in Antonio Conte. I also think that he wants to break all records in the Premier League – and he has all possibilities for it”.

However, until a striker is signed, there could also be a surprising internal solution. How next table football reports, Kingsley Coman could well imagine the post as a striker and have offered himself. Sadio Mane, on the other hand, is clearly intended for the wing.