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FC Bayern is made fun of by Spartak Moscow because of Mane’s offer



FC Bayern is made fun of by Spartak Moscow because of Mane's offer

After the allegedly uncovered clauses in the transfer poker game between FC Bayern Munich and Liverpool FC for offensive player Sadio Mane, the German record champions were teased by the Russian club Spartak Moscow via social media with an absurd action.

Spartak published the excerpt of a made-up transfer request from FC Bayern for the player Alexander Sobolev. According to this, the Munich company would offer a transfer fee of 1,000 euros, but at the same time hold out the prospect of horrendous bonus payments if more or less unlikely scenarios should arise.

Accordingly, Spartak would wave ten million euros if the state of Bavaria wins the Eurovision Song Contest, another 15 million euros if Manchester United wins a title and a whopping 20 million euros if Lionel Messi decides to move to Real Madrid.

Spartak was obviously alluding to the clauses that Bayern are said to have offered Liverpool to increase Mane’s transfer fee. British media had reported that Bayern had offered the Reds unrealistic bonus payments in addition to a fixed amount of 27.5 million euros.

According to this, Mane would have to win the Ballon d’Or three times himself and Bayern would have to win both national and international titles for the sum to rise to 35 million euros.