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FC Bayern, Kingsley Coman: Incredible series could tear



Kingsley Coman, FC Bayern, Championship, Juventus, PSG

Kingsley Coman can claim to have been a national champion in each of his pro seasons. A series that could break in the current season at FC Bayern.

Kingsley Coman from FC Bayern has had an unbelievable series of titles. The Frenchman has been active in professional football since 2013 and has ended up winning the national championship in each of his seasons.

It started in the 2013/14 season with the Ligue 1 title for PSG, then he went to Juventus before joining Bayern.

SPOX and GOAL look back and show all of Kingsley Coman’s championships in three different leagues.

Kingsley Comans Championships: 2012/13 with PSG

Coman was a homegrown PSG player and had played there since he was young. He made his Ligue 1 debut in the 2012/13 season while still playing in the U19s. It stayed with a short mission over three minutes. Strictly speaking, however, he was still entitled to call himself champion, because PSG landed 83 points clearly for Olympique Marseille (71).

Kingsley Comans Championships: 2013/14 with PSG

A year later, PSG prevailed again in Ligue 1, this time by nine points over Monaco.

Coman has been an integral part of the professional squad since then, but again only sporadically won. This time it was enough for two missions over a total of 36 minutes.

Kingsley Comans Championships: 2014/15 with Juventus

Due to these rare appearances, the 18-year-old then moved to Juventus in Serie A on a free transfer in 2014.

At that time, the old lady was still the measure of things in Italy and confidently secured the title with a 17-point lead over Roma.

Coman may not have won that often again, but still made 14 appearances in his debut season in Italy’s top flight. His yield: at least two assists!

Kingsley Comans championships: 2015/16 with FC Bayern

At the end of August 2015, Coman then took the next big step in his career and initially switched to Bayern Munich on loan. For a fee of seven million euros, he was awarded to the Isar for two years.

And there he played his best professional season to date right from the start. He played 23 games in the Bundesliga and had 4 goals and 6 assists.

In the end it was his first encounter with the championship trophy, as FCB secured the title ten points ahead of BVB in Pep Guardiola’s last season in Munich.

Kingsley Comans championships: 2016/17 with FC Bayern

In the second year in Munich things didn’t go so well for Coman. Injuries bothered him and cost him a lot of time. A knee injury in November 2016 cost him almost two months.

Accordingly, it was only 19 games for Coman, in which he only collected 2 goals and 1 assist.

Bayern, however, was undeterred and easily became champion with a lead of 15 points.

Kingsley Comans championships: 2017/18 with FC Bayern

In his third year at Bayern, Coman again stopped a serious injury. In February he suffered a syndesmosis ligament rupture, with which he missed 16 games.

In the end it was 3 goals and 4 assists in 21 games. Bayern, however, became champions – with a 21-point lead over Schalke.

Kingsley Comans championships: 2018/19 with FC Bayern

The next syndesmosis ligament tear followed in August 2018, with which he missed 15 games this time.

Nevertheless, Coman played 21 games again and achieved a record of 6 goals and 5 assists for the record champions, who this time were only two points ahead of BVB in the end.

Kingsley Comans championships: 2019/20 with FC Bayern

Coman’s injury plague continued seamlessly in 2019, this time suffering a capsule injury in December and missing seven games.

He still managed 24 Bundesliga games with 4 goals and 4 assists in a season interrupted by Corona. The result was another Munich championship with a 13-point lead over BVB. Bayern even scored 100 goals.

In August 2020, Coman even crowned FC Bayern’s year with the winning goal in the Champions League final against his former club PSG. In 2020 overall, FC Bayern won all possible titles and followed that up with the Club World Cup title in spring 2021.

Kingsley Comans championships: 2020/21 with FC Bayern

In 2020/21, Coman was largely spared injuries and played 29 games in the Bundesliga. He scored 5 goals and provided a personal best with 12 assists.

Munich won the title to say goodbye to successful coach Hansi Flick with a 13-point lead over RB Leipzig and scored 99 goals this time.

Kingsley Comans championships: 2021/22 with FC Bayern

Coman was also seeded mostly under Julian Nagelsmann, scoring 6 goals and amassing 3 assists in 21 games leading up to the 2022 championship – his 10th in professional football and 10th in a row for Bayern.

This time 97 goals and 8 points ahead of BVB were on the list.

Kingsley Comans championships: 2022/23 with FC Bayern?

After 32 matchdays, Munich are just one point ahead of BVB and could win their eleventh championship in a row. Otherwise, Coman’s incredible streak would snap.

Coman himself has done his utmost to prevent that – in 21 games he has scored seven times and provided six assists.

Kingsley Coman: Performance data in domestic leagues by club

Association games Gates assists championships
PSG 3 2
juventus 15 2 1
FC Bayern 180 37 41 7