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FC Bayern – Konrad Laimer: “Would have been willing to take the step”



FC Bayern - Konrad Laimer: "Would have been willing to take the step"

The Austrian national player Konrad Laimer from Bundesliga club RB Leipzig is still a little mourning the failed transfer to record champions Bayern Munich.

“I would have been ready to take the step in the summer. It was very close, but Leipzig’s go-ahead didn’t come,” said the 25-year-old, who has to pause until the end of the year due to a syndesmosis operation, in “Sport and Talk from the Hangar-7” at Servus TV.

However, Laimer also appreciates the attitude of the Saxons: “On the one hand it’s nice because I’m an important player. On the other hand it’s also difficult because you think a lot. But I’ve come to terms with it. It just keeps going .”

He checked off the move to the Isar and wants to concentrate on his job at RB: “One of the best clubs in the world doesn’t knock every summer either. But you can’t change it anyway. I prefer to concentrate on the here and now. If you think too much, you lose sight of the most important thing.” In the case of such requests, “a certain pride arises, but I’m more the type of person who talks to people and needs a feeling that everything fits together.”

Laimer on Tedesco-Aus: “Is the first to be released”

After his ankle surgery, Laimer writes off a comeback this year: “It will take at least eight to ten weeks. In the first half of the season it will be difficult to be back on the field. That’s why it’s important that I give myself the time to let everything heal and have a good rehab.”

He was saddened by the dismissal of ex-Leipzig coach Domenico Tedesco at the beginning of September, who had to go after just one win in five Bundesliga games: “We played a great second half of the season with the coach and didn’t reinvent anything at the start of the season. But we did have a few things doesn’t work anymore. The first person to be sacked is the coach. Now we just have to get back on track and perform consistently.”